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Is there a one-size-fits-all long-term care strategy?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Estate Planning & Administration |

Most aging individuals in Berks County and across the country would ideally like to spend their latter years living independently or together with their loved ones.

Sometimes that is possible, and sometimes it is not. The outcome depends on a number of factors, with one key determinant obviously relating to financial means.

Care costs understandably increase for people as they progressively age. Medical concerns grow elevated, being linked to ever-rising costs that are already markedly high in the United States. Most individuals stop working at some point, which disrupts an accustomed income stream.

We ask a pointed question of our valued readers on an estate planning page of the established Southeastern Pennsylvania law firm of Huckabee, Weiler & Levengood, P.C.

That is this: “How will you pay for long-term nursing [and other] care?”

There is not a quick and simple answer to that query in most instances. Some people have long-term-care insurance policies in place, but such coverage is not a readily available option in all cases. LTC policies can be prohibitively pricey, and even the best of them do not cover all needs.

Other individuals rely on Medicaid. We duly note on our website that the process and rules guiding this means-based government program “are extremely strict.”

Whatever strategies are considered, they can be improved and more sensibly implemented when crafted in the context of an overall estate plan. Proven and empathetic attorneys who are timely consulted can help clients and their families fully explore and take optimal advantage of the LTC tools available that can best promote their interests.

Those range widely from the creation of certain trusts to gifting strategies and more. Experienced legal counsel can provide further information.