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Keys to a healthy divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2019 | Divorce |

When faced with the word divorce, some people in Pennsylvania may only see the long, drawn-out court battles in which each soon-to-be-ex brings up each and every fault of the other while trying to walk away with almost everything. However, divorce proceedings do not have to be so vile and hateful. There are ways that a couple can have a smooth and amicable divorce without terrible fights and selfishness.

According to the American Psychological Association, it is normal to experience emotions, such as fear, grief and anger, at the end of a marriage, and that partners who are compassionate to themselves will have an easier time dealing with them. Open communication and cooperation with the other spouse are also important. If both partners are able to communicate, divorce mediation may be a better option than courtroom litigation. Mediation allows the couple to negotiate asset and debt division, living situations and child custody in a less stressful environment.

Even when using mediation, there is a good chance there will be times of conflict during the process. For couples with kids, it is important to avoid conflict when the children are around. Kids also tend to manage divorce better when given time before a big change, are able to maintain close contact with both parents and experience as little change as possible over the next year. Working with a therapist can also help both parents and children. Other ways to help keep a divorce healthy is for each partner to take care of him- or herself through support groups, friend and family time, relaxation techniques or trying new activities. 

According to HuffPost, sometimes a having a healthy divorce comes down to simply accepting that the marriage is over. It usually does not help either partner to rehash past hurts or faults, and those who can accept the relationship is ending typically have an easier time moving on.