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Studies find link between education level, divorce likelihood

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Blog, Divorce |

People in Pennsylvania who have more education may be statistically more likely to stay married than those who have less education. Women with a college education have a 78% chance of their marriage lasting compared to women whose education stops with a high school diploma, who only have a 40% chance.

This differs from the first part of the 20th century, when divorce tended to be pursued by couples who had more education and thus more resources. Over the decades, as divorce became easier to obtain, there was a shift as better-educated couples tended to stay married compared to couples with less education. One reason for this is that couples with more education also tend to have greater financial stability. Financial issues can strain a marriage as can getting married young, which is also more common among less educated couples. Among some college dropouts who divorce, there could even be a link between handling the stress of college poorly and handling the stresses in a relationship poorly.

While the divorce rate remains high in the United States, milllennials are bucking the trend and divorcing at a lower rate than couples in previous decades. Overall, millennials are marrying later. They have also genuinely acquired more assets and more education by the time they marry.

Regardless of assets or education level, a divorce can be a difficult process. It may be more complex for couples who have more shared property, and they might need to decide how they will divide it. Couples often prefer to negotiate this with the help of their respective attorneys instead of going to litigation, where a judge will decide. They may also be able to create a child custody agreement as well as a plan for child and spousal support without going to court.