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Why couples in Pennsylvania may want a prenup

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Blog, Divorce |

While many couples view prenuptial agreements as “pessimistic,” signing one could be a wise decision that protects an individual’s assets in the case of a divorce. Without a prenup, their assets might be seized and divided up against their wishes. Here’s how signing a prenuptial agreement can protect a spouse if their marriage ends in divorce.

A prenuptial agreement is particularly valuable if an individual already has children from a previous marriage. By signing a prenup, they can protect their children’s inheritance and ensure that their assets aren’t seized by their spouse.

A prenup is also essential for individuals who started a business before they get married. If they don’t sign a prenup, a former spouse might be entitled to a share of the business. Signing a prenup ensures that the business will be protected and the individual won’t have to deal with “buying out” their former spouse.

Additionally, a prenup is valuable if one of the spouses is much wealthier than the other. The agreement could help the wealthier spouse prevent their assets from being seized in the event of a divorce. If they don’t have one, a spouse might find themselves losing a significant portion of their wealth.

If a couple wants to create a prenuptial agreement but doesn’t know where to start, they might consider hiring a lawyer. A lawyer could help them evaluate their assets and figure out what needs to be protected in the event of a divorce. Following this, the lawyer can write a legally-binding document. In the event that a couple doesn’t decide to create an agreement until after they’re married, a lawyer could help them write a postnuptial agreement.