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Relocation and custody post-divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Blog |

Pennsylvania has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country. That said, child custody issues are still common. One of the biggest issues facing parents after a divorce can be relocation. After a split, moving for a new job opportunity or to be closer to your parents as they age becomes more complicated. The way the court sees a move can influence the way it impacts custody.

Good vs bad faith

When children are involved, the court needs to keep their best interests in mind. Most judges take this responsibility very seriously. When they are asked to amend a child custody order, they will consider why a parent is relocating. If the other parent objects, they’ll look at the reasons for that.

The court will try to understand the motivations of the parents involved. Are they trying to use the child to get back at each other? Will a move enhance a child’s life, or will it disrupt it? If the non-custodial parent objects to a move, why is that? How present and involved are they in the child’s life?

Communication is key

When one parent learns that they may need to move, the court will expect them to notify other relevant parties promptly. That means the other parent, the court and depending on their age, the children. Sometimes, couples can work to modify a custody agreement together and present it to the court for approval. But sometimes they need help from a mediator or the court.

It’s always wise to seek advice from a lawyer when there’s a change to custody on the horizon. An experienced attorney may be able to help you navigate the process more smoothly than you can on your own.