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How both contested and uncontested divorces work

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Divorce |

Pennsylvanian residents have numerous options available to them when it comes to calling it quits with a significant other. Today, we will take a look at two: uncontested and contested divorces. Each one can benefit different couples in unique ways, though they also have their own drawbacks.

FindLaw examines uncontested divorce first. This is considered a “streamlined divorce process”, which makes it highly desirable as it saves couples costs in both time and money. However, it can be difficult to achieve. An uncontested divorce doesn’t just mean that spouses agree to divorce in the first place. They must also be able to agree on how to divide their property, alimony pay, child custody and support, and more. The more hostile a note the relationship ended on, the harder it can be to make this work. However, some may use mediators to come to an agreement.

The Legal Dictionary, meanwhile, takes a look at contested divorce. This is generally considered the most common divorce option. In this scenario, a couple cannot come to a consensus on some or all of the above mentioned matters. Because of that, their case will need to go to a court to have those matters worked out for them. Though this takes the indecision and arguments out of the process, it also adds on time and fees.

Both options have benefits and drawbacks depending on what angle a person is coming in from and what their individual needs are. It’s up to every couple to determine what would work best for them.