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Practical Experience And Compassion In Child Custody Cases

Child custody is an issue that is often emotionally charged as parents argue over what type of custody arrangement they want for their children. Whether you are arguing with your spouse during a divorce or have never been married to the other parent of your children, it is important that you understand your rights and options in a custody or visitation case.

Regardless of the relationship that the two parents have with each other, we at Huckabee, Weiler, & Levengood, P.C., strive to keep the focus of a custody case on the best interests of the children. Contact us online or call us toll free at 610-378-1933 to set up a consultation with one of our attorneys.

Child Custody

  • Under Pennsylvania law, there are no more presumptions made when determining custody. Each case is a clean slate and is based upon the facts presented to the court.
  • There are many different types of child custody: temporary custody, sole custody, split custody and joint custody. Our lawyers can explain each one of these to you and help you understand what may apply in your specific situation.
  • Child custody orders may be modified. However, the modifications must be made through the courts in order to see that they are legal and enforceable. For instance, a parent wishing to relocate with the child for whom he or she has custody must seek the court's permission for the relocation instead of just moving.


  • A parent who does not have primary custody will be entitled to visitation, depending on the details of each case and situation.
  • Some visitations may be supervised and others may not be.
  • An initial order of visitation is not usually permanent. The parent with visitation may be able to seek partial custody in the future.

Children's Wishes In Custody Disputes

  • When children are older and able to articulate their wishes during a custody conflict, the courts are more likely to consider their thoughts and feelings when making a decision on a custody arrangement.
  • Though it may not always be the case or awarded, if a child can describe why he or she wants to live with a certain parent or in a certain area, it may be best to work out a settlement that takes his or her preferences into consideration.

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