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Experienced Guidance For Administering Your Loved One’s Estate

Assuming the responsibility of settling your loved one's final affairs and administering their estate is no easy task — especially if substantial assets are involved. In the early weeks following their passing, you must initiate the estate administration process. This can be enormously difficult to accomplish without a legal background, especially during a period of grief.

Furthermore, you may inadvertently make mistakes that can end up requiring the assistance of a lawyer to resolve.

At Huckabee, Weiler, & Levengood, P.C., we have over 30 years of experience in the estate administration process and working with grieving families. No matter how complex your loved one's estate, we provide comprehensive guidance to ensure the process is done right.

An Overview Of Our Estate Administration Services

We are a well-rounded estate administration law firm and can aid with any of your administration needs. As your attorney, we will assist with:

  • Paying debts and expenses, notifying creditors and filing final taxes
  • Locating and notifying the estate's legal heirs or named beneficiaries
  • Creating an inventory of assets and obtaining date of death values
  • Filing formal accounting records
  • Transferring property and distributing assets
  • Ensuring your loved one's last wishes are followed

The responsibilities of a trustee and personal representative in probate are extensive and time-consuming. Pennsylvania estate law is difficult to interpret and, without legal advice, you risk the chance of missing key filing deadlines and making other technical errors.

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We are a client-focused firm that will put your case first. We understand what it means to lose a loved one and we want to do our part to reduce the stress on your shoulders.

Tell us about your case by calling 610-378-1933 or request an appointment using our contact form. Our office is located in Shillington.

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