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Things you can do to make the divorce process easier

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Divorce |

Pennsylvania residents who are about to begin the divorce process might want to avoid a long, costly, emotionally draining battle with their ex-spouse. While some well-meaning friends might share their own negative experiences of the divorce process, there are ways to work towards a more amicable divorce.

Prepare for the divorce

The divorce process can have many layers. Being unprepared and unknowledgeable about the process can lead to making bad decisions then suffering the consequences of these decisions later. Before the divorce, it is important to envision the future and prepare for what is coming. This includes:

  • Figuring out exactly what you want out of the divorce, both in terms of closure for the end of the relationship and in the assets you might be negotiating for
  • Identifying all your assets and debts, as well as gathering the supporting financial documentation
  • Gathering a support system of family and friends with whom you can talk openly about the divorce

Learn to communicate effectively and to work together

Though divorce might feel like the wrong time for this, learning to communicate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse can help ease the divorce process. This might also be quite helpful if you have children together. Even if you will not be sharing custody, going forward you will still need to be a family. In some cases, you and your spouse might consider couple or individual therapy as part of the divorce process.

Another way to make the divorce process easier, when possible, is to find ways to work together during the divorce. You might opt for mediation or collaborative divorce. Both of these options depend on ex-spouses being able to attempt to resolve issues and negotiate in an amicable manner, but can both provide benefits such as a faster divorce and lower costs.